News and Notes: November 3, 2013

  • Not actually “new” news, but you may have missed it: a few weeks ago the SWR Board of Education joined many other NY school districts in passing two resolutions calling for a reduction in the over-reliance on standardized testing and testing mandates. The second calls for a state reevaluation of APPR and a federal overhaul of No Child Left Behind (you can read the full texts of the resolutions in the October 8th board meeting minutes).

  • You may have seen or read about Commissioner King’s letter indicating that SED is scaling back some of the testing.  While the changes he outlines are in fact very positive, they are the functional equivalent of two more lifeboats on the Titanic. Wonderful and necessary for the people affected, but not really addressing the overall problem. NYSUT Vice President Maria Neira had this response.
  • Shortly after it was announced that there will be a public forum with Commissioner King at Riverhead High School the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, State Senator Ken LaValle said that it will not be held there after all due to space concerns.  The date will stay the same and the new location is still to be determined.

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