Al Graf Calls Out Newsday For Shoddy Coverage Of Common Core Controversy

From Al Graf’s Facebook page:

“Here is a copy of the email that I just sent to Newsday, may I suggest that anyone that is disappointed as I am about their coverage of what has been going on throughout the state also send an email concerning their displeasure as well. Please be respectful and express your feelings about their coverage

The following is my email to Newsday,” 

Hi can you please explain to me why Newsday refuses to acknowledge that there is an assembly bill A7994 in New York that has 30 sponsors to withdraw from common core and race to the top, that people throughout this state have used this bill to rally behind. Could you further explain the fact you refuse to report that there is a website that over 19,500 people have used to send letters to the Governor to fix education in New York and put the breaks on implementation of common core in New York State. Please visit, Or why Newsday refuses to recognize that 10 out of 12 forums have taken place by members of the Assembly Education Committee, and minority members of the Assembly because of the Assembly’s Education Committees Chairwoman’s refusal to respond to calls to hold hearings on common core throughout the state. This is not and should not be a republican or democrat issue. Your coverage of this issue has been a disgrace. You have failed to do any investigative reporting, rather choosing to print sound bites originating from the state education department. You are doing a tremendous disservice to your subscribers. I hope that in light of this letter and other correspondence from others who may choose to write or call you and your paper this oversight will be rectified.

Alfred C. Graf
Assemblyman 5th Assembly District
Member of the New York State Education Committee
Sponsor of A7994

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