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False Grit

In case you’ve missed it, the latest fad in the “People with little-or-no teaching experience telling us how to do our jobs” department is “grit.” Apparently, instead of emphasizing academics, skills, responsibility, etc., we should be teaching kids how to be more gritty. You can read/watch more about grit here, here, or here. Or just read Alfie Kohn’s piece on why this is utter nonsense.


Although Bill Maher calls himself a progressive, and skews pretty much left, he’s come across as very much anti-union.  His latest screed, opining against tenure, is just one more example. Blogger/Teacher Jersey Jazzman wrote this rebuttal, which we can also file in our Mythbuster category against all of those who see tenure as unnecessary or detrimental to education.

Common Core-bert

Steven Colbert explains the Common Core.

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