One More Zephyr Teachout Post (for now)

Maybe this is why Zephyr Teachout is so pro-teacher: The governor treats her the same way he treats us:

A couple of other links:

Zephyr Teachout spoke at the PJSTA Conference Day. Watch the video here.

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Remember, the Democratic Primary is Tuesday, September 9th.

Can Zephyr Teachout defeat Andrew Cuomo?

Despite Andrew Cuomo’s weak attempt to keep Zephyr Teachout off the ballot, he will be facing a primary challenge next Tuesday (September 9th) for the Democratic nomination for Governor.

Ms. Teachout is a Fordham Law Professor who, along with her running mate Tim Wu, is hoping to unseat Gov. Cuomo by running on an anti-corruption, pro-education platform. To learn more about her, click the following links:

Can Zephyr Teachout actually win? Her people say it’s possible,  but even if she loses, she still may have an impact.