It has not been a good week for public education

First, there was the inflammatory Time Magazine cover (with it’s very amusing, but probably unintended, irony).

Then Gov. Cuomo finally came clean and acknowledged that his goal is to destroy public education as we know it. Or, as he put it, break “one of the only remaining public monopolies.”  For more details on this story, and what you can do,click here.
We also learned this week what might be coming down the (Mass) pike. The state of Massachusetts is about to adopt new regulations that would strip teachers of their licenses if they receive multiple ineffective ratings.  That’s right – not a TIPS plan, not termination, but losing their teaching licenses. 
On the plus side, although we’ll have to stay tuned and see what happens, a fourth-grade teacher from Great Neck is suing New York State over her ineffective rating, “challenging the rationality of the VAM model being used to evaluate her and, by extension, other teachers.”

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