Some Good News and Some Potentially Very Bad News

The good news:

Two weeks ago, we told you about plans by the Massachusetts Department of Education to implement a new system where teachers who are rated ineffective two years in a row would lose their teaching licenses.  Thanks to a strong response from Massachusetts teachersthe state has rescinded this plan.  Proof once again that political action can make things happen and that it is still possible to win some battles. Had this plan held, it is very likely that this type of scheme would have gained widespread appeal among reformers nationwide. We should all be very grateful for our colleagues in Mass. for pushing back so hard. 
And some very troubling news (via the PJSTA website).
The Locust Valley Teachers Association President reports that:
This year, the Locust Valley BOE decided to deny the incremental steps provided by in our contract and protected by Triborough. We have filed an Improper Practice charge, our grievance is in arbitration and we, currently, are at impasse in our negotiations.
This action, suggested by Terry O’Neill of Bond Schoenck and supported by our superintendent, Anna Hunderfund, if successful, has dire consequences for all public employees.
At this point, they are attempting to resolve this through negotiations and are not asking for any outside help. We do not have all the details, but the potential implications here are huge. We will keep you posted.

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