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Here’s our weekly-ish collection of news and links from the education blogs/websites/etc:

Following up on our previous post about the letters between the Governor’s office and the Regents, The Riverhead Times Review published an article by SWR Superintendent. Dr. Cohen showing the Tisch letter for what it is – a further assault on democracy in public education, and the Stronger Together Caucus published a response on their website.

On December 31st, in an effort to reinforce his anti-union agenda, Governor Cuomo made the audacious, and completely false, claim that “we have teachers that have been found guilty of sexually abusing students who we can’t get out of the classroom.” This is not the first time this trope has been trotted out, but it’s such an effective method of demonizing the teachers’ unions, that liars like CuomoMichelle Rhee, and Campbell Brown, just can’t help themselves. The truth is simply this: Teachers who are charged with sexual misconduct are automatically suspended without pay. If a teacher is convicted of sexual misconduct it is mandatory that they will be terminated. Even if unions wanted to defend pedophiles – which they do not – there isn’t even an opportunity for them to do so.

new report suggests that the Common Core requirement that all students read by the end of kindergarten may be harmful.

Probably nothing here you don’t already know, but maybe some good ammo for your next debate: From Edutopia, 8 Myths That Undermine Educational Effectiveness

Possibly the most depressing news of the week: The Majority of U.S. public school students are now living in poverty.

Close to home, the divide between rich and poor schools has grown even wider under Cuomo’s watch. This blog post details how Cuomo has deflected his failure to fund education by blaming teachers. It also provides a great history lesson on school funding in New York State.

To end on a happy note, SWR grad Eric Lopez won over 2 of the 3 judges on American Idol to earn a trip to Hollywood, If you missed the show, you can watch his audition here (thanks to Danielle Algiere for the link)

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