Political Action Updates

A few updates on how political action is going…

In a meeting with local teacher union presidents Thursday night, Assemblyman Fred Thiele expressed his commitment to opposing the Governor’s proposals and stressed that TEACHERS AND PARENTS  MUST CONTINUE TO WRITE LETTERS AND MAKE PHONE CALLS. If the legislature is going to be successful in pushing back against Cuomo, they must be able to show that they are representing the will of the people. 

Last week, State Senator John Flanagan predicted that the legislature will get the Governor’s proposed $1.1 billion increase (or more) without having to commit to Cuomo’s proposals. This is good news, but is not the end of the story.
  • His prediction is not a guarantee. We must keep pressure on the legislature and give them ammunition to win.
  • Even if the budget passes without the legislation being pushed through now, that does not preclude it from being pushed through in the future.
  • Even if all of the current proposals are rejected, that just keeps us where we are now – it doesn’t actually make anything better.

For those who still need more evidence that political action works, the Board of Regents has, at least for now, abandoned its plan to make field testing mandatory. The fact that they’ve changed course on something that looked like a certainty just a few months ago is clearly a response to the overwhelming response they got from the public (or maybe it was just a reaction to this brilliant satire). 

Nationally, Senators and Representatives have been inundated with anti-testing messages. While this doesn’t directly impact what happens in Albany, state legislators can’t help but take notice of the national sentiment, Not to mention the fact that without a federal mandate, the NYS Dept. of Ed loses one of their fall-back defenses when accuse of over-testing.

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