Who are you? You are a Who!

As SWR literacy coach Erin Wills recently discovered, if you’re looking for the perfect metaphor for the importance of union involvement in today’s fight for public education, it was written sixty years ago by Dr. Suess.

At the end of the picture book Horton Hears a Who, the people of Whoville, already battered and beaten from their dust-speck planet being dropped from the sky, are about to be finished off in a vat of boiling Beezle-Nut oil. Horton’s oppressors simply don’t believe the Whos exist, so Horton implores them make themselves heard. The Whos try to make a racket, but it just isn’t enough. Until…

The Mayor of Whoville finds one last Who playing with a Yo-yo, blissfully unaware of the imminent danger. At the Mayor’s urging, this final shirker lets out a yopp, which is just enough to put the sound over the top. Their voices are heard and their destruction is averted. 

And so here we are.

Locals are engaged, from the East to the West
Everyone seems to be doing their best
Everyone seems to be yapping or yipping
Everyone seems to be beeping or bopping
but it’s still not enough all this ruckus and roar
We have to get everyone involved to make more

(If you need an editable version so you can adapt if for your own local, please email us at swrta2@gmail.com)

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