News and Links: March 2nd (Special All Cuomo Edition)

Under the philosophy of “know thy enemy,” here are a whole assortment of stories and links related to Governor Cuomo.

In a way, you’ve got to hand it to Cuomo. The man is the walking embodiment of chutzpah. For his first term, he ran on a platform of transparency and anti-corruption. He began his second term, along with pushing education reforms, by tying the budget to ethics reform for the state legislature. And yet…

  • In full view of everyone, the Governor’s office, which is a potential target of a Federal investigation related to the shutdown of the Moreland Commission and other possible wrongdoing, announced a new policy whereby all emails will be deleted after 90 days. They claim it is to facilitate a new email system, but EVERYONE KNOWS THIS IS BS. The Microsoft system the Governor’s office uses can store thirty years worth of email. Nonetheless, they’re going forward. Does the email deletion constitute and obstruction of justice? We’ll never know, as the evidence will have long been destroyed before the Feds get close enough to ask the question.
  • Andrew Cuomo wrote a book. Nothing big about that – politicians write books all the time. What’s notable though, is that Cuomo will get more than $700,000 for this book, which so far has sold 3,000 copies and isn’t exactly on the upswing. If you’re wondering how a publisher could be so foolish as to set themselves up to lose more than a half-million dollars on a book deal, consider that “the Cuomo administration was lobbied both before and after … the book contract by the owner of HarperCollins, News Corporation, and News Corp received tens of millions in tax breaks as a result of that lobbying.”  Read more at the Perdido Street School Blog.
  • HS Social Studies teacher Greg Schmit passed along this link from the Washington Post, and says we should start referring to Cuomo as Governor Oscar Meyer. The article takes Cuomo to task for a few things, not the least of which is his claiming the APPR system is “baloney” despite not only praising it, but having taken credit for it just three years ago. (Read that directly from his office here.)
  • Sign this petition to tell the Governor that his failure to fund NYC schools is a violation of students’ civil rights.
  • PJSTA Teacher (and SWR parent) Melissa McMullan, who spoke eloquently and passionately at last week’s SEPTA meeting, takes on the Governor in this open letter
  • From the same district, you need to watch this video from Dr. Rella, Superintendent of Comsewogue Schools. It’s a great explanation of the problems with the GEA, Common Core, and the evaluation system, and includes the line ““I don’t think he [Gov. Cuomo] likes us. It might be mutual.”

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