News and Links: March 15, 2015

A couple of good links to post on Facebook:

  • A quick summary of Cuomo’s education plan: “The Ugly Truth
  • Great article from Huffington Post about what schools should be
  • Good response to folks who think that tenure is just a wasteful perk that guarantees a job for life: “Why Tenure Matters.”

California Dreaming
The state of California is backing off from relying solely on test scores to evaluate teachers and schools. They are putting a one year delay on the use of a new test being rolled out this year, preferring to wait for “at least two years of results to judge school progress,” and will “shift from a school quality measure based solely on exam results to one that would include other factors.” Fully story from Daily Kos.

A bill has been introduced in the Senate and Assembly, to “require the state Department of Education to notify parents of their right to not have children in grades 3 through 8 participate in Common Core-based testing.”

Sell Outs
Ever wonder how it’s possible that some teachers come out in support of the “reform” movement? Maybe, like some teachers in New Mexico and Florida, they’re being paid or offered gift cards for writing blogs or posting comments on blogs that are favorable to the anti-public school movement.

More from William Cala
In case you missed it, a few weeks ago, Diane Ravitch posted this scathing critique of Governor Cuomo’s plans written by former SWR Superintendent William Cala. If you have time, there is also this video of a forum in Rochester on the State of Education in NY

James Milgrim on Common Core Math
This is not new, but it’s definitely worth sharing because a lot of people may not know about this.  James Milgrim, who is not only a mathematician, but was the only mathematician who served ON THE VALIDATION COMMITTEE, takes down the Common Core from a number of angles. (Thanks to Frank Uchman for the link)

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