News & Links: Non Political Edition

Just for a change of pace, here’s a collection of news and links that have nothing to do with testing, evaluations, or politics.

  • You know how  sometimes you feel like you’re doing everything you can possibly do and there’s still that kid in your class who hates school?  Maybe it’s in his genes.

  • Nancie Atwell, teacher, author , and winner of the first annual $1 million Global Teacher Prize  has some thoughts on what innovation in education really means and wants to reclaim the term back from technology like “tablets, e-readers, and assorted digital platforms” that “are doing children more harm than good.” Click here to read about what she calls “the simplest and most powerful classroom innovation that she has used in during her 40-year career.”
  • The Teaching Brain, a book that came out at the end of last year, attempts to answer some fundamental questions about education using research, the authors’ own experiences in the classroom, and brain science. Here’s an interview with Vanessa Rodriguez, one of the authors.

  • Peter Greene blogs calls his blog “Curmudgucation,” but here’s a pretty un-curmudgeon-like post on NOT counting down the days 

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