Painting it Red for Public Ed

Hundreds of parents and teachers turned out at rallies around Long Island to make a statement in support of teaching and against testing.

SWRTA was represented at a couple of locations –  although with smaller numbers than we usually bring (let’s try to turn it back up again at the next event).

The events were covered by Newsday, News12, and other local media. This short video clip of a parent nicely encapsulates what it was all about.  Assemblyman Dean Murray, who serves on the Assembly education committee, was at the Patchogue rally and expressed strong support –  “We have to get back to real teaching not just teaching to the test.”

We’ll have to see if that statement is followed up by actual legislative action – but remember the more pressure we apply, the more likely they are to respond.


20150917_163203coram2 pat1 pat2coram1


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