Meetings, Madness, and Maladies

There will be building meetings in all buildings tomorrow:

  • HS and MS – 2:05 PM
  • WR and MA – 3:00 PM

Please make every effort to attend.

Back in July, the AFT enraged much of its membership with their premature endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Much of the anger came from theirspecious claims that they polled members. Apparently the NEA was determined not to repeat the AFT’s mistake, so they didn’t even pretend to poll their members.
As announced yesterday, they just went ahead and handed her their endorsement – against the wishes of much of the rank and file. It should be noted that three-fourths of the duly elected NEA board voted in favor of the endorsement, so they did follow the official protocol. But that doesn’t mean it’s the right decision. It’s not. It’s a terrible decision.

There are lots of reasons to be wary of Ms. Clinton. As blogger Curmudgucation writes, “She is a long-time fan of vouchers and privatizing schools through charters. The Center for American Progress has close ties to the Clinton campaign (John Podesta, previous CAP head and current Clinton campaign chief is just one example), and CAP has pushed for charters, high stakes testing, Common Core, and teacher evaluations tied to testing.”

And as LA School Report notes, Eli Broad, the billionaire behind the plan to put half of L.A.’s students into charter schools is one of Ms. Clinton’s major supporters. He “endorsed [her] for president in 2008, has donated over $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation and was recently a co-chair of the Super PAC “Ready for Hillary” that was formed to draft Clinton into the 2016 race.”

But the point is not whether or not Clinton is ultimately the best candidate in the current field. The point is that as a union we have one bargaining chip to use as the election approaches and, once again, we are just giving it away.  With her ties not only to Broad, but the Walton’s, Gates, and other deep pocketed reformer types, we can only speculate about what sort of promises might have been made behind the scenes, and the NEA, just like the AFT, should have held out for some specific commitments that we won’t be just seeing a continuation of the Obama and Bush approaches to education.

Protect yourself this flu season.
SWRTA has once again arranged for free flu shots for all SWR staff and their families

TOMORROW (October 5th) from 2 – 4:30 PM
Insurance card and driver license required


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