Legislative Endorsements

The following candidates have been endorsed by the Suffolk Community College Faculty Association. Please support them on Election Day (Tuesday, November 3rd).

  • We need to support our colleagues at community colleges, just as we want them to support us.
  • The Suffolk County Legislature is like the Albany “farm team;” many county legislators move up to the State level – and so we want to get the most pro-education candidates in now.
  • Politicians need to see that we are engaged in the process so that they are thinking of us this coming legislative term. (We can threaten to “remember in November,” but if they know we don’t get out and vote in large numbers, it’s an empty threat.)

County Executive: Steve Bellone (D)

County Legislators:

LD 1 Al Krupski (D)

LD 2 Bridget Fleming (D)

LD 3 Kate Browning (WF)

LD 4 Thomas Muratore (R)

LD 5 Kara Hahn (D)

LD 6 Sarah Anker (D)

LD 7 Rob Calarco (D)

LD 8 Bill Lindsay (D)

LD 9 Monica Martinez (WF, I)

LD 10 Thomas Cilmi (R)

LD 11 Thomas F. Barraga (R)

LD 12 Leslie Kennedy (R)

LD 13 Robert Trotta (R)

LD 14 Kevin McCaffrey (R)

LD 15 DuWayne Gregory (D)

LD 16 Steve Stern (D)

LD 17 Lou D’Amaro (D)

LD 18 William Spencer (D)

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