Thanksgiving Thoughts

Something to share

In response to the flawed Common Core survey that the NY State Ed Department posted online, NYSAPE (New York State Allies for Public Education) has created their own survey which they hope to be able to use to show what people really think of the Common Core (as opposed to the nonsense that NYSED is trying to push). NYSAPE is an organization of parents, teachers, administrators, etc, and they want the results of their survey to reflect this broad constituency. So…

  1. Please take a couple of minutes and complete the survey:  (click here to read their blurb about it, or click this link to go directly to the survey.)
  2. Bring this up at Thanksgiving dinner, and ask you family members if they’d be willing to complete the survey as well, then forward it to them
  3. Post it on Facebook and stuff


Things to be Thankful for?

It looks like NCLB (No Child Left Behind) is about to be replaced by ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act). The bill has cleared committee and is expected to easily pass the Senate and, although it is not a sure thing, will most likely pass in the House as well. Unfortunately, the requirement for annual testing in grades 3-8 still stands. However, this rewrite of the ESEA gets rid of the ludicrous AYP targets and also lessens the role of the US Ed Dept and returns more discretion to the states. At first blush, this wouldn’t seem to be of much help to us here in New York considering our Governor’s stance on testing. However…

It’s being reported that Governor Cuomo is open to reducing the use of test scores in teacher evaluations.

“…according to two people involved in making state education policy, Mr. Como has been quietly pushing for a reduction, even to zero”  

There’s plenty of reason to be skeptical (not the least of which is that he has never given us any reason to trust anything he says), and even the linked article throws some cold water on this actually happening,

“‘There is no position of this administration with respect to this issue,’ the governor’s director of state operations, Jim Malatras, said this week”

Nonetheless, combined with the news about ESEA, this report at least gives some reason to hope, and maybe opens the door just a little wider to give us leverage with the legislature.

Are you Highly Effective at Thanksgiving?

This piece is funnier if you’re familiar with the Danielson rubric (as opposed to the NYSUT rubric, which we use), but still worth a look.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.

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