New Teacher Registration Requirements

There seems to be a bit of confusion and some questions regarding the new laws regarding teacher registration, so we’re hoping this will clarify.

As part of last year’s Education Transformation Act; ALL certified teachers in New York State must register with NYSED and renew their registration every five years. (There are also additional requirements relating to PD hours for some teachers. See the full NYSUT fact sheet for more details)

There is no fee to register or renew, but (and here’s how they get you) there is a fine of $10 per month if you miss the deadline.

This registration will be done through the “TEACH Online” system, which is the first area of confusion. This is NOT the same system you use for BEDS forms and to verify your roster (even though they are both part of the State Ed website). It is a separate user name and password.

Your initial registration will have to be done during the month of your birth, beginning in July. You cannot register before that (there isn’t even a place on the site to do it yet). HOWEVER…

The first thing you should do NOW is make sure that you have an account within the TEACH Online system and that your information is correct. Some of you (especially newer teachers) may already have an account, and some of you may not.

If you know for a fact that you have an account, go to this link to log in. (note: while your user name for BEDS and roster verification is your email address, your user name for Teach Online is something you would have made up).

Once you’re logged in, check your information by clicking “Update/Add Education, Employment and Personal Information” If it’s correct, you’re good until your birthday month. If not, click “Edit Personal Info”and fix anything that’s not accurate.

If you’re not sure if you had set up an account, or if you don’t remember your user name or password, go to this page

If you are 100% sure that you’ve never set up an account, go to this page to create one.   But be warned: if you already have a TEACH online account and set up a second one, you will be locked out of the system for 72 hours. Better to first make sure by clicking the previous link, then coming back to set up your account.

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