Revised Common Core Draft

Revised Common Core Standards
Last Wednesday, the State Ed Dept. issued the draft of the revised Common Core Standards. NYSED claims that changes were made to about 60% of the standards. But while many media outlets reported this as being a big deal (Education Department proposes major changes to state’s ELA, math standards -The Buffalo News), others, such as the New York Times, offered a more accurate perspective (Cuomo Called for ‘Reboot’ of School Standards. Officials Propose Tweaks Instead).

You can (and should) see for yourself (Math; ELA), but the majority of changes in math were things like adding sample problems to the wording of the standards, splitting single standards into multiple standards, rearranging sentences or things like (and I’m not making this up) replacing “for example” with “e.g.” to be consistent throughout the document. There were some more significant changes in ELA (such as changing the requirement for “grade level texts” to “a variety of texts,” but quite a few of the revisions were just clarifications and wording changes (e.g. replacing “rules” with “norms”).

And as the media can’t even agree if the revisions were significant, it should be no surprise that there isn’t agreement over whether the revised draft is a positive development.

Again, you should see for yourself.

And what you should also do is give feedback. The pages for both the Math and ELA drafts are arranged by grade level, and under standard document there is a link to a survey. Unlike the original Common Core Survey which was confusing and time consuming, this one should only take a few minutes.

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