Why We Won


The proposition to hold a Constitutional Convention has been defeated. 

Given the sea of signs and magnets that were everywhere you looked recently, it’s easy to forget that this was not a sure thing, and just a few months ago it very much looked like it would go the other way. Back in May, voters surveyed were IN FAVOR of a constitutional convention by a margin of 62 to 22.

Make no mistake – we made this happen. The combined efforts of teachers, cops, firemen, corrections officers,  etc, etc. not only helped sway public opinion but got out the vote to make sure that this potential catastrophe was averted. It proved, once again, that political action by organized labor can be a serious force for positive change.

Speaking of getting out the vote, SWRTA had a great showing at the RCFA phone bank: We had at least one representative from each building, and we managed to make hundreds of calls. CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES.  (Note: I couldn’t get actual pictures of everyone who made calls, so I had to improvise)

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