The Con-Con Con Job

On November 7th, a proposal will be on the ballot in New York State asking voters if a Constitutional Convention should be held.

It is imperative that EVERY ONE OF US gets to the polls to VOTE NO. What follows are some resources to help you learn more about Con-Con, show you why we must fight it, and help you convince others to join the fight.

  • Get a reminder to vote.  This is an off-year, which means turnout will likely be low, and it will be easy to forget. If you’d like a reminder, click here and enter your info, or send a text to the number 81010 with the text “@noconco” (without the quotes).  You will receive only TWO messages – one the night before election day and one the day of.
  • Over the summer, the RCFA (Riverhead Central Faculty Association) sent a series of emails to their members regarding the potential New York State Constitutional Convention.
  • Newsday published an editorial in favor of the Con-Con. Here’s our response.
  • This graphic from NYSUT explains the RIGHT Way and the WRONG way to amend the NYS Constitution
  • Other resources:

NYSUT’s Con-Con Page

New Yorkers Against Corruption


Anti-Con-Con Videos:

NYSUT’s new commercials:


Videos from Nassau County PBA: