Latest News & Links

Another Victory for “Reformers” in the War Against Teachers

The Kansas State Legislature just passed legislation stripping teachers of due process.  Administrators no longer need to document their reasons for terminating teachers or give teachers an opportunity to respond when threatened with dismissal. Once terminated, teachers will no longer be able to request a hearing.  (

She Who Must Not Be Named

Teacher/Blogger Peter Greene offers up a wonderful take-down of a certain well known reformer’s idiotic piece in the Washington Post (

Nine Problems With Big Data

Although this article is not about education per se, it is a reminder of the problems with mass data collection and the conclusions that are often drawn from it. (New York Times)

inBloom Wilting

Some good news on the data/privacy front. inBloom, the Gates Foundation funded data collection project has been given the boot by New York State, dropping the number of partners to… let’s do the math… ZERO.

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