Reject The AFT’s Premature Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

The AFT endorsement of Hillary Clinton was extraordinarily premature and inappropriate without specific commitments from her that she will be a strong supporter of public education.  No matter your opinion of her overall as a candidate, it is crucial to send her an important message. Please take a few minutes and click each of the links below.

  • Send a message directly to Hillary Clinton and let her know that as a teacher, regardless of the AFT endorsement, you will not giver her your vote unless she makes public statements against privatization of public schools, federal requirements for annual testing, and using test scores to evaluate teachers, as well as making a firm commitment to protecting union rights in this country.  Click here for the contact form on her web page. 
  • Send a message directly to the AFT and let them know they made a mistake. Endorsements should never be given against the wishes of the rank and file, and should always be contingent upon firm commitments from candidates that they will work for the best interests of public education once elected. Visit the AFT Election page, and look for the box in the right sidebar titled: “What are your thoughts about the endorsement process?”
  • Sign the petition telling the AFT to rescind their endorsement.

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