Update on the Lederman Case

A quick update on the Sheri Lederman case (click here for our previous posts on this topic).

Bruce Lederman, Sheri’s attorney (and husband) appeared on WCNY radio today to discuss the status of the lawsuit. (You can listen for yourself by clicking this link. The Lederman interview begins at 22:10). Here are the highlights:

In a not very surprising move, the State Ed Department filed a motion claiming that the case was made moot by the moratorium put in place in December. The Ledermans, of course, disagree, pointing out that the state will still be providing flawed growth scores during the next four years and that nothing has really changed. The judge will be taking statements on this argument on February 29th. The Ledermans expect the judge to rule against the State, allowing the suit to continue. Mr. Lederman indicated that, if the judge accepts the State’s argument, they will appeal that decision.

Additionally, presumably emboldened by the notion that the moratorium nullifies the Lederman’s case, the State offered a settlement in which Ms. Lederman’s poor growth score would be voided in exchange for their dropping the case. Needless to say, the Ledermans rejected this deal.

We’ll keep you posted.

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